Who’s who and what they do…

Paul Tables

Paul – This  guy is fresh out of high school. His lifelong dream? To be a bartender. Just goes to show that his life has really not been all that long.


Brock – Compassionate, outgoing, easy to get along with: these words would not be used to describe this man. Not even by his friends. Not that he has any.


Tina – Works hard when there’s work to do. When there’s no much to do, she makes coasters into origami ninja stars. Developed a foolproof dispute resolution process – threaten to quit.


Alan – a short-tempered, curly haired, Irish bred waiter, Alan wont think twice before giving you the stink-eye. Don’t send food back with this one.


Natt – have you ever met a really happy person? Like, so happy and positive that you sort of want to snap at them? But then they smile at you and you feel kinda silly and sheepish? Then you smile back and suddenly everything’s all good? And they happen to be Swedish? Yeah.


Shaun – the floppy hair and goofy grin are camouflage. They belie a sharp mind and quick wit that will have you handing over the contents of your wallet and the end of an evening.


Kaz – As the hostess, Kaz greets the patrons, organizes seating and helps settle the occasional tipping dispute. Kaz is a former dance student back from Poland. But nobody makes jokes about that. She’s got a kick that could fell a horse.

The Manager – A true hospitality veteran, this enigmatic figure was born out of the whirling pool of blackness and entropy that was the First Bar. Probably invented tipping.


Tanya -Cool eyed and calm spoken, Tanya finds it’s easier to ask people to leave than actively try to remove them from the venue. And you know what? They almost never refuse.